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Every night at dinner we each took time to share two things. The best part of our day and the worst part of our day. We used to stop there, but it just didn’t feel right, hanging out on what was terrible, so we added something. The silliest part.

It’s a great way to finish the day on a highlight.

But I’ve been working on adding one more thing. What we are most grateful for each day. Because I am grateful every day for my home and family and the beautiful gifts God gives.

But I forget to talk about those things. So my kids only hear that I’m tired of the house being messy or that I hate all the dirt on the back porch. They only hear me talk about things that hurt my heart.

So this month we have a special download focusing on thankfulness. Gratitude. Appreciation.

And we start by thanking God because He is good. His love endures forever. Past all the loves that failed us, His love continues. Steadfast. True. Right.

Once we start thanking Him, we see His goodness in our lives. The joy, peace and hope we always have, even when our circumstances are anything but.

We move on and thank others around us. Our spouses always make us coffee in the morning.

Our co-workers who faithfully do their work every day and don’t worry about office politics.

Our friends who love Jesus too, and help us look at Him with more love every day.

Praying that your November is filled with thankfulness as you serve Jesus every day ♥

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