At 5toRevive we want to thank Megan Bridge for donating her beautiful photography skills to us! To get these pics we spent an icy-cold afternoon walking around Nob Hill looking for great spots to use. It was soooo cold and tremendously fun talking about babies and birth and husbands and dreams. And it was amazing climbing up to a roof to take some final pics as the sun set on our stunning city. Thank you Megan Bridge Photography for your skills, and for being our March sponsor ♥

We wanted to share more of Megan with you. Enjoy!

1) Why photography?
Being a mom, I have always wished I could bottle up and preserve each stage of my children’s childhood. If I could only preserve the gummy, gassy newborn smiles, the sweet and fleeting toddler cuddles, or even the hilarious one-year-old fits then I could return to them and hold them close whenever I needed them most. I can’t bottle them up but I have found through photography I can at least capture some of these amazing moments in time. I can preserve the little nose wrinkle my one-year-old makes when he is up to no good and the toothless grin on my five-year-old after he lost his two front teeth. I feel blessed that not only can I capture my own fleeting moments in parenthood but I can also capture these for other families.

2. What inspires you?
The strongest inspiration for me is seeing people and how they relate and interact with the world around them. It might be how my son holds a stick bug or how a mom interacts with her children. I love to capture those special connections.

3) How do you find photography allows you to connect with God and what do you learn about Him as you take pics?
Each time I pick up my camera it is with the desire to catch a glimpse of the beauty God has created around us. I can’t get over how uniquely and perfectly He has created each one of us. Through my lens I am able to to capture a small glimpse of His vast creativity. I love being reminded that we come from a creative and loving God.

4. Tell me a little about yourself:
My husband and I have been married for nearly 11 years. We have three amazing boys and are in our second year of homeschooling. I strive to bring adventure into my boys lives, despite my strong desire to sit on the couch and watch a movie. I not only allow them to play in the mud and build forts in the trees, but do those things alongside them… and of course take as many pictures of our adventures as I can. I have tried other hobbies but nothing besides photography has ever stuck.

Visit Megan Bridge Photography for more lovely photos and set up a session by clicking here.

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