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I was in a meeting with a bunch of amazing women the other day, learning how I communicate, and how to make my style work with other folks. And our leader began to ask us something. How we recharge. Fill up before we give out. Or refill when we are empty.

As we shared, one by one, something stood out. We all felt guilty. We felt bad about taking time for a Netflix binge, reading a book we enjoy that doesn’t teach us anything, going for a walk or run alone. We felt bad for unwinding when someone blesses us with a day away from life.

Our leader grabbed onto this. She reminded us that rest is biblical. God not only allows for it, He expects us to take times of rest. To recharge.

This wasn’t a talk about time with God. Prayer. All the rest. This was purely about physical and mental rest from all the doing. She was giving us permission to do things we like, things that are fun but not necessarily meaningful, inspiring or even important.

Over the Christmas holiday I was talking with a friend of many years, and she was sharing about going on a 4-week mission trip, away from her family. And about how, a week into it, she felt like a Christian again.

We laughed over that, but it’s so true, isn’t it? In the everyday monotony of life, of keeping people fed, the house cleanish, getting wherever we need to be and doing the things we are supposed to do, all this adulting, sucks our souls dry.

At some points in this life, we get so dry, we stop feeling like Christians. We’re more like robots. And it’s not always about being in prayer and the Word. We are doing that, but there’s something else we might need to add.

Time to stop. Refresh ourselves.

We don’t get mad at our phones when they need recharging, or our fridges for needing to be plugged into a power source. We don’t guilt our cars into feeling bad for needing gas.

So you, woman on the move, full of things to do, today, take time. Stop. Think about what recharges you, and then do it. Even if it’s only a few minutes. It’s ok.

We pray that you will joyfully be able to add a few times of pure rest and refreshment back into your schedule this week, guilt free ♥


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