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Somewhere along the years (we’ve been married for 14 now) my husband and I made up a team name for ourselves.

Team Slacker. #truth

It’s what we pull out as we fist-bump each other, whenever we feel particularly successful…or when things go really wrong.

The thing is, our resumes look pretty amazing and our life story surprises people. Honestly, it surprises us too, because we were there and we know what it was like as we were muddling our way through.

The reality is that God is amazing and somehow we managed to listen to Him well enough to accomplish things. Wonderful, life-changing, kingdom things.


The thing is, I live with a constant fear that I need to accomplish more, do more, be more. This social media mad world has unleashed all the would be and could be Martha Stewarts and Eams and Diors on all of us. Now everyone with enough drive, ambition and willingness to post a LOT of material, can get a following.

So I start thinking that I need a following. That if I used this gift of writing well enough and diligently enough, I could do more, be more.

But God has called us all to the ordinary. To just be people. To make it our ambition to live a quiet life.

You see, there was one Paul. One Peter. One Esther. One Deborah. And so on. And surrounding those people whose names we know in the Bible were hundreds and thousands of nameless, ordinary people.

People whose greatest accomplishments would be that they got up every day, fed their families, did their work, worshiped God, and went home. Their names weren’t written anywhere but heaven.

But that’s where their faithfulness to the small things–to prayer, serving, giving–were recorded too. And that’s what matters in eternity.

So today, my ambition needs to change. I don’t need to be ahead or in front or bigger or better. I need to excel at being ordinary. To do the small things well. To be present, in the living room, the office, the school, the pool. To be here, seeing, praying, serving, giving.

We are praying that you excel at all the wonderful, ordinary things God has put in your hands this week ♥


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