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Free and Brave. That’s us. We, the American people. And what an amazing group of people we are.

Sometimes I forget that I’m part of a collective “we.” I get so busy with the “me.” But I, alone, am nothing. The things I dream about, those castles in the air, are nothing for a woman on a desert island.

We are a community 330,000,000 strong.

Our ancestors have fought hard, worked hard, dreamed hard to get us here. This land, sea to shining sea, isn’t perfect. But it’s ours and our abilities to achieve and dream are tied into it.

Today, tomorrow, let’s love this land and its people. Our land. Our people. Let’s consider America, land of the free and home of the brave. Let’s be thankful for our part in its story.

We are praying that you have a joyful Independence Day celebration.
P.S. Melissa has created a special 4th of July coloring piece. Download it, print it and bring it to your celebration for the kids and adults to enjoy filling in ♥

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