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Here we are. August! How did get here so quick?

Now it’s time to get back to it. Back to schedules and school and life. It’s a busy time of year, and crazy.

And it’s that time of year where our deficiencies hit hard. Where our lack of organization, or our desire to control all the details start getting big. Where we need to have more to give but all we really want is a vacation from summer.

Let’s grab this. Instead of looking back at what we want to catch up on, instead of pinning more picture-perfect ideas that will overwhelm us, instead of trying harder to grab the days left in summer, let’s rest.

Let’s do what we can, when we can and let the rest go.

Let’s start where we are.

Let’s open our eyes and look up and out from here. To Him. To the one who counts the stars and calls them by name.

To the one whose Word formed this universe.

To the one who made things. And they were good.

He’s got this. And even when we don’t, He does.

So let’s get back to it. To all the things we are called to.

But let’s do none of it without looking up and out at Him first.

Praying that this back-to-it time of year will be filled with peace, focus and love for you and your family.

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