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About a year ago my dentist said it was time to look into getting braces for my son. And here we are a year later, still waiting for it. Because those little metal brackets are expensive. And that’s not the […]


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Somewhere along the years (we’ve been married for 14 now) my husband and I made up a team name for ourselves. Team Slacker. #truth It’s what we pull out as we fist-bump each other, whenever we feel particularly successful…or when […]


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Free and Brave. That’s us. We, the American people. And what an amazing group of people we are. Sometimes I forget that I’m part of a collective “we.” I get so busy with the “me.” But I, alone, am nothing. […]


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Thin is in. And I’m not talking body-image. Have you walked through the electronics section of a store lately? The TVs they have now are almost thinner than my cell phone. And my cell phone is so thin, I can […]


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Have you ever read the Proverb that reminds us about a foolish woman? That she tears down her home with her own hands? Have you ever been there? Ripping, tearing, doing demo on the hearts in your home? And then […]



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