Hey lady. In the yoga pants. Messy hair, don’t care.

Take 5. Fill your heart and mind.

Steep in good thoughts. God thoughts.

Start again. Revive.




Wife, mom, daughter, friend. Life is a surprising journey.

The first year of our marriage, my husband and I left New Mexico and headed up to Montreal, Canada, where we spent 5 years helping plant a church. We had our two babies there. We learned a lot of French. We began to eat slow and talk long over tables of amazing food. And we learned how to chisel ice off our windshield with a credit card.

From there, we moved to South Carolina where we spent 5 years planting a church. We lived in the country and learned when to plant different veggies. We learned cows have calves in the autumn. We learned how to use “y’all” in 5 different ways. And we learned that God not only sends you out to do things for him in faith, but sometimes he also has you quit in faith. So, after 5 years, we obeyed by ending our church plant, and it was a good thing.

After about 6 months of rest, we were refreshed, but in need of direction. We aren’t good at sitting around, but we are good at moving. So we moved back to New Mexico to help out my aging parents. And that’s where we are now.

All those moves were life changing. We’ve been through so many seasons of life, good, bland, joyful, boring, heart-breaking, fun.  In all those times, words have been a gift God has given me to help me understand life.

Words on a blank page help me hear God, see his truth and process this crazy world. They keep me grounded.

I’m filled with gratitude for the experiences, cities, friends and family who have made all those years of life so rich. I pray that God will use these words to encourage and revive your life. Thanks for joining in on this journey!



My name is Melissa and I like to draw.

I am mom to a bunch of girls (four to be exact) and a wife to my wonderful pastor husband.

I home school.  I teach AWANA.  I drive a mini van.  I’m a modern day June Cleaver (except that I hate to cook and the only things I iron are my kids Perler bead creations).

If that was all I told you, you might be tempted to think that my life is neat, tidy and near perfection. But let me tell you, my life is messy.

2015 was probably the hardest year of our lives.  It left me scarred and wounded.

I was drowning in pain and hopelessness.  I cried out to the Lord to pull me out of the darkness that had swallowed me whole, and I heard Him whisper for me to pick up a pen and some paper, so I began to draw.

Over the past year the Lord has used art to bring much needed healing to my heart. Through it, I have been given a deeper intimacy with the Lord because He Himself is creative!  As I draw, I get to spend time meditating on the Lord and His word.  While I draw I get to spend time in prayer. It is quiet time for my heart and mind.

Drawing started out as an escape for me, then turned into a hobby, and has now become a passion.

My prayer is that God can use these random doodles and thoughts to encourage you and revive your

Life is messy, but our God is good.

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